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Hauxton 200km Randonnee

Posted 2010n September 28, 2010 at 23:55:07 by chris

Sunday was my longest bike ride so far (and likely for some time to come); I rode the 200km Audax/Randonnee organised by Simon Proven of the Cambridge CTC.

I saw a couple of familiar faces from the CTC at the start at 8am in Hauxton (Nigel's report and Gareth's, both more interesting than this one!). It didn't take me long to end up near the back, not helped by me making the rookie mistake of stopping to write down the answer to the first control (but mainly down to me just being slow!).

The first leg to St Neots was relatively easy and familiar, and despite being well behind the others (who were leaving when I arrived at the control) my moving average was higher than I'd expected at about 14mph. The next leg to Olney, Bedfordshire was a bit slower, and I arrived at about 13:15. Still in good time to finish within the limit, but I should perhaps have had a bit more to eat by then. I did bring a few sandwiches, but eating something hot in the cafe was much more appealing than eating sandwiches outside in the cold and wet.

The next section from Olney to St Ives was quite long at about 50 miles, most of which I was riding by myself. Lowlights were the open windy bit towards Stow Longa and seeing what looked at the time like an intimidating hill appearing after crossing the A14 towards Barham.

The final section was helped significantly by the plate of chips and bowl of apple pie and custard I had at the control at the Local Cafe in St Ives. Unfortunately by this time it was also dark, but the villages also got more and more familiar leading up to the end. I arrived about 12.5 hours after starting (nearly last), having cycled around 140 miles (including ride to the start). I stood around in a daze for a few minutes before heading home.

I was surprised to find that riding home wasn't a problem, and I think I could have ridden for a while longer (but by that point didn't particluarly wish to). I'm pleased to have done it, but won't feel the need to try such a long ride again for some time!

Thanks to Simon Proven for the excellent organisation and easy to follow route!

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1 Gareth Rees (not logged in) says...

Posted 1:53 p.m. on September 29, 2010

the rookie mistake of stopping to write down the answer

On my first audax (Mike Stapleton's Hauxton 100, a few years ago) the first info control was the name of a shop at the side of the road. I took a photo and carried on. When I got to the finish, I started to write in the name ... and Mike pointed out that I had taken a photo of the shop on the wrong side of the road. He let me off though, since the photo showed that I had visited the control.

2 Chris (logged in as chris) says...

Posted 8:43 p.m. on September 29, 2010

I did something similar this time too, with the info control at 150km, where we were asked what the "highest number" was. My answer was (I think) 11914, as that was the highest valued number I saw. The official answer was the number at the top of the sign.

Fortunately Simon had a photo of the sign and could verify that I'd been at the right place!

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