User-mode Linux on PPC

In 2001, I was working on a port of Linux 2.4 to PowerPC . When I stopped having time to work on it, it succumbed to bit rot.

More recently, Oleg Orel at LynuxWorks did most of the work for a port of Linux 2.6 to PPC . The code contributed didn't fully compile out of the box.

I (Chris Emerson) have been working on getting that code to compile, and eventually working and integrated into the core User Mode Linux .

Current status (Feb 28, 2005)

I've got the kernel building with this patch (70k bzipped), applied to Linux 2.6.0-test9 plus the 2.6.0-test9-uml1 UML patch. There's extra crud in the patch like unnecessary changes to i386, my .cvsignore files, etc., sorry - there's lots to do. But the kernel runs and prints messages, although I haven't yet got it running any user code. I'm not sure whether it's my root filesystem, or the kernel which is broken.