The motivation for this project was that I had a nice keyboard plugged into my old PC running Linux, and a newer Mac (with only USB) also running Linux, but with a horrible keyboard. My solution is essentially a software keyboard switch, and consists of the following parts:

  • getscancode : runs on a VT reading raw scancodes
  • inkey : a simple driver allowing raw scancodes to be inserted into the kernel's keyboard driver
  • insertkey : maps between PC and Mac scancodes before passing them on to inkey
  • ...and some shell scripts to glue everything together with an ssh link.

I think that 2.6 kernels include something equivalent to inkey .

This is the mini home page for the to-be-renamed (suggestions please) inkey package. It can be used to control one computer running Linux from another's keyboard, working in X or text consoles.

Download link: inkey-20001106.tar.gz